News Release - GoodLife LapTops, Plates and Containers can now be printed one colour.

Posted : 37 weeks 5 days ago

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Cap-It-All scores another first with its �one size fits all' universal sip-lid

Posted : 1 year 15 weeks ago
With the unveiling of its new uni-fit sip-lid for hot drink cups, Cap-It-All is once again proving why it is the UK's leading supplier of lids to catering and foodservice operators.

While traditional sip-lids feature a single lip that grips onto the outside of the cup, Cap-It-All's new design also features a second lip that grips onto the inside of the cup, creating a secure plug fit. This means that not only can caterers and foodservice operators feel confident in the knowledge that the lids will not slip or come off even when used on the move, the new lids are also suitable for use with almost any brand of hot drink cup, despite variations in rim roll between different manufacturers' products.

Cap it all unifit sip lid

Geoff Page, managing director at Cap-It-All, comments:

"This is a major new product launch for Cap-It-All and one that we believe will realise real benefits for our customers. Today's modern catering outlet or foodservice operator offers a wide range of hot beverages, all of which must be served in the appropriate style and size of cup and with the correct lid. Not only can this put a strain on limited storage facilities, it can also be costly, especially for smaller operators who have to buy in a range of different lids to fit the wide variety of hot drink cups they use on a day-to-day basis. "Our new and unique sip-lid provides the solution. Available in two sizes, 8oz and 12-16oz, they can be used with almost any hot drink cup of the same size from any supplier in the world, which means, simply, that our customers will not have to buy as many lids at one time. Not only will this free up valuable storage space, it will help to maintain a healthy cashflow - a vital consideration in today's difficult economic climate." Cap-It-All's new sip-lid is available in two sizes, 8oz and 12-16oz, in both white and black. Prices range from 2-2.8p per lid.

Cap-It-All lids are certified as conforming with the requirements of EC Directive 2002/72/EC as amended, meaning that they are guaranteed safe for use with all forms of food and beverages.

Enjoy summer dining with a clean, green conscience

Posted : 1 year 15 weeks ago
Summer is finally on its way and that means keen cooks everywhere will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of a long and lazy season of al fresco dining to come. But this year it won't just be the salad that is green thanks to the GoodLife range of biodegradable picnic-ware.

Cap it all unifit sip lid

Disposables have become a popular way to avoid the chore of washing up and are ideal for outdoor dining, but there is a price to be paid for this convenience. All those used cups, plates and bowls have to end up somewhere, and that somewhere is usually our rapidly shrinking landfill sites.

But this summer diners can enjoy all the benefits of disposables with a clean, green conscience. GoodLife plates, bowls, sauce cups and food container with lid - handy for storage as well as serving - are made from sugar cane pulp, a natural and, crucially, sustainable material, are totally biodegradable and can be disposed of in nothing more sophisticated than a domestic compost heap or unit where they will return to nature in a matter of weeks.

And that's not all. Lightweight but incredibly strong, GoodLife sugar cane products are suitable for both hot and cold foods and can even withstand boiling liquids and oil without buckling or distorting. They are also totally safe to use in a microwave and can also be used to store food in a fridge or freezer.

Also available as part of the GoodLife range are clear cups in pint and half-pint sizes, plus a popular smoothie cup with dome lid - ideal for making coffee shop-style drinks in the comfort of your own home - and a pack of drink straws, all of which are made from GM-free corn starch. The GoodLife range is completed with a mixed pack of wooden knives, forks and spoons, a pack of coffee stirrers, dessert spoons and last but not least a pack of biodegradable napkins made from recycled paper.

Start Spreading The News - New Yorker Food Cartons Have Arrived!

Posted : 1 year 24 weeks ago

These handy one-piece lined food cartons are ideal for hot or cold meals and snacks, available in white as a 16oz, 26oz and new 32oz carton plus a choice of three print styles - Thai, Chinese or Pasta.

Cap it all unifit sip lid

Food can be kept fresh thanks to a fold over top, which also saves on storage space. Not only that, the New Yorker range are leak proof, grease resistant and microwave friendly, so they're perfectly suited for eating indoors or taking out on the town!